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Is there a waiting period to buy a firearm?

Virginia (VA) has not implemented restrictive, erroneous waiting periods.  Most NICS transactions get an instant approval.  Delayed transactions can be resolved in as little as ten minutes and as long as several days, depending on many variables.

Why do I need a background check to buy a gun?

New laws passed by the VA General Assembly took effect July 1. 2020 and require NICS processing of all private and commercial sales/transfers of firearms.​

Can I buy a firearm if I’m not a resident of VA?

Handguns can be sold to out-of-state residents, but must be shipped to a licensed dealer in the buyer’s home state for transfer.  Most long guns can be sold to non-VA customers, but there are some exceptions based on the specific firearm and possible restrictions of the buyer’s state of residence.

Can I buy a firearm for someone else?

Generally, no.  The FEDERAL exception is if it’s a bona fide gift and it is not being gifted to someone who would be ineligible to legally own or possess the firearm.  The new VA state law preempts this provision, requiring even a gift transfer to undergo the NICS process.

how much to transfer a firearm?

Transfer fee is $30 for any quantity of long guns and/or one handgun.  Add $10 for multiple handgun transfers. This charge is all-inclusive and covers the State Police NICS processing fee.  The military and law enforcement discounted fee is $25.

Are you still open for business?

We are still processing transfers for purchases from online retailers or out-of-state sellers.  Our primary sales venue continues to be gun shows, which in Virginia are fully open and unrestricted as of June 2021.

Will you ship my order to me?

Yes.  Shipping can be arranged for in-person purchases that have to be sent to an out-of-state FFL for transfer. We are currently NOT accepting or shipping for online or remote orders.

Can I find you at local gun shows?

Typically, yes but many local guns shows have been cancelled, as of late.  Any scheduled gun shows we're are participating in, can be found on our Upcoming Events & News tab. 

What do you have in your inventory?

Please see our Inventory Tab for our most updated inventory list.

Can non-US citizens purchase firearms?

Non-US Citizens with legal resident cards or whom have been issued an AR#, USCIS#, or I94# may purchase certain firearms. There are additional requirements for non-permanent aliens; please research laws and exceptions prior to applying to acquire a firearm.

Do you Accept trades?

Trade-ins are considered on a case-by-case basis and will typically take place at sales events like gun shows. You may contact us to inquire about our interest in something you have for trade.

Do you offer firearm training or classes?

Training and certification for concealed carry applications isn't being done at this time, mostly because of ammo shortages and limited time and access to training venues (classroom and range).

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