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It’s Time for Us All to UNITE!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Listen and heed the appeal of the semi-coherent President of Philadelphia and the chorus of formerly rage-filled assassins who graduated journalism school. Read between the lines of Sleepy’s typists at the Washington Post, NY Times, New Republic, Slate, The Hill… you’ll discover all the benefits that are afforded our newly-united collective: We’ll be UNITED, DISARMED, DEFINED, DISMISSED, DISENFRANCHISED, TAXED, EXTORTED, MONITORED, CENSORED, SILENCED, REGULATED, RESTRICTED, INDOCTRINATED, RE-EDUCATED, CONTROLLED, CANCELLED, CONFINED, UNEMPLOYED, MARGINALIZED, ACCUSED, ABUSED, PERSECUTED, PROSECUTED, and PUNISHED… but all for the greater good.

It’s time to put aside concerns of “collusion”, “abuse of power”, “obstruction of justice”. Soon those anachronistic corruptions will have vacated the body politic as abruptly as any non-politician leader could rally American resources to defeat a foreign biological weapon, some might say, “at warp speed”. How wonderful it will be to have wise, moral, benevolent rulers in place to direct our lives and define our purpose. Woe to anyone who would undertake to “RESIST”. Be gone with the obsolete bumper stickers, yard signs and street murals that sought to camouflage seething hatred and rage. Embrace the new patriotism of conformance and fealty to our autocracy of decency.

Surrender and UNITE.

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