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Thoughts in Time and Out of Season

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Life lesson: “Things are more what we make of them than what they are.”

Are we witnessing a brilliantly-executed global conspiracy to get America’s train back on the tracks of globalism after Orange Man derailed it?

Election looming. Economy booming. Democrat candidate drooling. China getting a schooling…

What’s a Bolshevik and an anarchist to do? Well, he/she/it/ze can start by not letting a good crisis go to waste. In the name of “safety” the economy’s free-market and small business sectors can be shut down for a couple months—just long enough to quintuple the unemployment rate and permanently close a lot of businesses that can’t survive that long, prohibited from serving their customers– just long enough for the Democrat/media alliance to stoke the smoldering coals of fear, imaginary outrage, depression, and despair, never failing to declare, “This we have under Orange Man.”

Act II: Among the 17,985 police agencies in These United States, surely there can be found some that have a vicious, brutal, bona fide racist, never-should-have-been-hired “officer” just waiting to perform a new epic iPhone travesty. May 25, 2020 was better than any December 25 the Hate-America Left could have imagined. They got their gift from a one party-ruled city in a one party ruled-state, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fully pre-planned and nicely orchestrated, the anti-fascist fascists, criminal opportunists, and social malcontents formed among their millions of human shields in the streets assembled to legitimately protest the torture and death of one troubled soul. Aforementioned “safety” now be damned, it’s party time! New lesson: Never let a crisis end if it can be turned into a calamity(especially a manufactured calamity that can be pretentiously laid at the feet of bad Orange Man).

At the current pace, November is a long way off (even longer for Joe Biden at the rate his biological clock is running). Whatever the next act brings will be no surprise to the student of history. (I’m not referring to the public school version.) But with the wolves emboldened and the sheepdogs collared, self-reliance is the name of the game until sanity and civility are restored.

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